Palmer's Auto Repair brake rotor before and afterIf you ever researched how shoe or disk brakes work, you’ll be surprised to find out that the principle that makes them work isn’t pressure, it’s heat.  Brakes work by converting the kinetic energy of your vehicle into heat.  Therefore, the inspection we do on any vehicle’s brakes looks at the brake materials because they are specialized and do not work well when worn down.

If we see thin brake material we pull all 4 wheels and do a full 30-minutes brake inspection (with your permission).  That means we also inspect for uneven wear, bad calipers or slides, wear measurements of the drums and or rotors, inspect hoses, lines, brake fluid, hardware and wheel cylinders.  If you ask we will rotate your tires too.

Our ‘On-Car’ brake lathe and premium brake pads offer safe, quiet braking throughout the life of the brake job.  It’s also nice because we can save you some real money on 4x4 hub and bearing labor costs, if your rotors are within spec because we won’t have to remove the hubs to surface the rotors.  We also have the equipment and knowledge to diagnose and repair anti-lock brake (ABS) failures on all makes and models no matter how complicated the problem may be.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Call us at (503) 654-4343 and come in for a complete inspection.