Exhaust and Mufflers

Most exhaust system failures don't require an exhaust shop to fix them. Palmer’s Auto Repair is a complete exhaust pipe repair shop.  We have a lot of experience with all makes and models of cars, trucks, diesels, and we have a lot of experience  installing high performance exhaust systems.  It’s important to note that your car’s fuel delivery system is integrated into your exhaust system.  That means that if you have an exhaust leak then your engine my not be getting the right air/fuel mixture.  That can cause very poor performance and, over time, may even damage your engine.  It’s important to get exhaust leaks fixed as soon as you can.

Palmer’s Auto Repair also specializes in high performance exhaust systems.  In Oregon, we are really fortunate.  The Oregon law requires that your exhaust system not exceed the decibel limit for your vehicle.  Also, exhaust system modification is legal as long as the car still meets its emission control standards.  While you can’t remove the catalytic converter there are such things as a low back pressure cats that help to improve performance and still protects our environment.

One of our customers had a Subaru WRX.  We changed out the whole exhaust system, putting in new pipe from the turbo to the tail with a low flow cat.  Along with a tune up, the car not only passed the smog tests by a mile but the gas mileage improved from 24 mpg on the freeway to 35 mpg!

You’d be surprised what an exhaust system repair will do for your car’s performance.  Call us at (503) 654-4343 and let’s talk about your car’s needs.