Emission Systems Repairs / DEQ

Palmer's Auto Repair - Smog Check SymbolAuto manufacturers have gone to great lengths to develop vehicles that get good gas mileage while reducing the amount of pollutants that reach the air.  In order to accomplish this, the emission systems for all vehicles have become a complex coordination between catalysts, gas sensors, fuel delivery control, and electronic brains that manage and coordinate these systems.  When any one of these gets out of sync, the engine may run poorly, get low gas mileage, and will not pass a DEQ test.

Is your check engine light preventing your vehicle from passing the DEQ test.  Having trouble getting your registration?  Did your car fial DEQ for smoke, or dirty exhause fumes?

At Plamer's we are here to help!  Our wide range of test equipment allows us to see exactly what DEQ sees.  We can advise you on repairs to get you through DEQ and back on the road.

Palmer’s Auto Repair has a history of quickly diagnosing emission system problems. Usually a drivability test will reveal the general section of the system that is the problem. Then an emission system electronic diagnosis will pin point it.  We will be able to tell you exactly what the problem is and what it will take to fix it.  From EVAP control, to exhaust gas sensors, catalytic converters, and fuel delivery, Palmers will provide a reliable emission system diagnosis quickly, usually less than 30 minutes and always less than an hour.  Call us at (503) 654-4343.