DEQ Specialists

Palmer's Auto Repair Technician - Tony | imagePalmer’s Auto Repair technicians are regularly sent to night training courses to keep up with the constantly evolving smog control technologies from all the different auto and truck manufacturers. Our up-to-date knowledge of DEQ requirements, ‘drivability’ diagnostic skills, and smog control system functions means we have no problems getting a car through DEQ. The term drivability describes the experienced skill of a diagnostic technician when analyzing engine starting process, idling smoothness, engine operation when cold and when hot, shut-down smoothness, operation under acceleration and deceleration, performance under load, indications of miss-firing, back-firing, or dying with our without any pattern.

From carburetors to catalytic converters, we know DEQ standards and regulations we take the worry and time out of getting your car smogged.  With our advanced DEQ equipment we will receive your car, tune it up, and make sure it's up to DEQ requirements.  If you like we’ll take it to DEQ for testing, and return it to you with the new tags on it! Palmer’s Auto Repair understands all makes and models, and all DEQ regulations and standards. Bring your car to Palmer's Auto Repair and be confident that your car will get through DEQ!  Call us today at (503) 654-4343.