Clutch Repair & Replacement

Palmer's Auto Repair - New and Old Clutch Disc If you have a low or spongy-feeling clutch pedal, or it is hard to shift gears, you may be having a problem with your clutch system.

All clutches are built to connect and disconnect your engine from the transmission.  This disconnection is critical when coming to a stop or shifting gears.  Most modern clutches use a hydraulic linkage (like your brake system) to connect your clutch pedal with the clutch control-arm on the engine.  When you apply pressure to the clutch pedal, the hydraulic fluid in the clutch master-cylinder forces the clutch slave-cylinder to press on the clutch control fork, disengaging the clutch and allowing you to shift or brake.

The clutch itself is a disc of friction material that's very similar to brake pad material.  This material wears out just like your brakes.  When it wears your clutch will tend to grab, and after a while the clutch slips.  The hydraulic lines and cylinders also wear over time which can make it hard to shift.  Please note that just you may need a full clutch job, or you may just need an adjustment.

At Palmer's Auto Repair we have competitive rates on clutch system repairs, big or small.  If you are having clutch issues, call us today at (503) 654-4343 to schedule on inspection or to get a quote over the phone.