Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Palmer's Auto Repair Dirty Oil Change Filers and Plug | imageAt Palmer's Auto Repair, we are fully able to perform factory scheduled maintenance on your vehicle.  Your warranty will be complete and intact. We'll even use factory built parts if you like.

Preventative maintenance or factory maintenance schedules are normally performed at 30,000 miles and vary from vehicle to vehicle.  Normal maintenance items include: tune-ups (ignition parts), fluid changes, filter changes (air, fuel, transmission, oil, and cabin), fuel injection cleaning, tire rotation and inspection of wearable parts.

Regular maintenance is particularly important because not only can it prevent a surprise failure in your engine, transmission, or trans-axle, we can spot premature failures and prevent damage to other really expensive parts of your car like all your brake components.

If you are wondering where you're at with the maintenance on your car or worried that you've waited too long, just give us a call at (503) 654-4343.  We know all makes, all models, and all years of any vehicle and can let you know exactly what is needed next.