Fuel Injection Cleaning

Palmers Auto Repair Fuel Injector DiagramOften times the fuel injectors, intake valves, and the throttle body are forgotten.  The manufacturers start recommending injector cleaning after 60,000 miles and sometimes there are “Technical Service Bulletins” for you vehicle recommending that your injection system is cleaning to fix rough idle, inspect or replace for expansion cracking, lean fuel conditions, and check engine lights.  When you come in for service we check the entire vehicle for needs.  We also look over the maintenance history with you, even if it’s a stack of receipts from other shops, and alert you of upcoming maintenance intervals.

Here at Palmer’s we are big on preventative maintenance.  We feel it’s better to keep injectors, intake valves, and throttle bodies clean and performing at maximum efficiency rather than wasting money on precious gas because slowly degenerating injector conditions are causing a loss in gas mileage.  Dirty throttle bodies are the leading cause of engine dying while idling at a stop.  That’s why we consider a throttle body cleaning part of normal maintenance.  Palmer’s fuel injection maintenance also cleans the carbon build up off of the intake valves.  That will increase fuel economy and reduces the chance of ‘pinging’.

In the old days we used to slowly pour water down the carburetor while the engine was running to clean carbon out of the engine.  Please don’t try this now.  There are too many ways to damage a modern engine doing this.

Experience has shown that getting good gas mileage and getting regular maintenance for your car will put a smile on just about anyone’s face.  Come see us at Palmer’s Auto Repair.  It’s great to give a smile and get one back, and this way is the one we enjoy the most.