Air Conditioning

Palmer's Auto Repair Air Conditioning Button imageMany folks don’t realize that air conditioning was originally invented to control the moisture in print paper before running a printing press.  It allowed for perfect color registration by controlling the expansion and contraction of the paper.  That’s why your AC is the best way to defog your car.  Wait until the car has warmed up some, and then turn the AC on. The windows will be clear in about a minute.  Your air conditioning is a year round auto component and air conditioning maintenance is critical to safe operation of your vehicle.

Many of us wait until the air conditioning quits before we have anything done to it.  Air conditioning repair is expensive compared to air conditioning maintenance.  Having air conditioning service performed regularly can avoid down time and more important regular maintenance can keep expensive components like the compressor running perfectly for years.  We at Palmers include air conditioning as part of your spring and fall check ups.  For a full list of what we do just give us a call at (503) 654-4343.

At Palmer’s in Milwaukie, we do more than check the refrigerant pressure and make sure the right amount has been installed.  We also inspect hoses, tubing, compressor bearings, clean the condenser fins, check AC cooling fan operation, and inspect and replace cabin air filter.  The cabin air filter exists in nearly all cars after 1995.  They capture pollen and dust,  and will hamper air conditioning and heater air flow if they get clogged, and they often do.  We also check the pulleys and serpentine belt to ensure smooth operation and the longest life possible.


Cabin Heating

Palmers Auto Repair Example : Vehicle Heating and AC ControlsThe system designed to provide heat inside your car has become quite complex since the early days (1950’s).  Although the basic principle of piping hot engine coolant through a heater core in the cab of your vehicle hasn’t changed much over the years.  However, the challenging locations and technical skill level needed to replace these components certainly has.  Often the entire dashboard must be removed just to access the housing where the heater core sits.  Then there are also your control cables and vacuum lines, the air blending doors and air ducting.  Sometimes the repair process will require that the AC refrigerant be recovered and then recharged during the heater core replacement process.

Needless to say, proper diagnosis of your heating system is key before work begins.  There are many reasons why your vehicle may not be keeping your feet warm.  In the unlikely event that you need your entire dash removed to replace the offending part, we at Palmer’s Auto Repair pride ourselves in always installing the highest quality under-dash parts.  And while we are there we’ll check to ensure that any worn or vulnerable parts are brought to your attention.  We’ll make sure that all of the intricate functions of your dash are working correctly when we are finished.

Did you know that proper cooling system maintenance can prevent the heater core from failing?  When anti-freeze gets old it becomes corrosive and the heater core is often the first component to corrode through.  “Long Life” coolant doesn’t mean forever.  We have also seen long life coolant gunk up and clog heater cores, so it isn’t a long term fix-all.  Corrosion and building up gunk can be prevented by back flushing a vehicles cooling system and replacing the coolant.  This protects the heater core, control valves, and plumbing.

For more information about your heating or air conditioning problems please contact Palmer’s Auto Repair by email or call us at (503) 654-4343.