Starters & Alternators

Palmers Auto Repair Alternator Starter imageStarter replacement and alternator replacement have probably brought more grief to shade-tree mechanics than just about anything else we can think of. So your car won’t start. How do you know what the cause is? You can’t unless you have the right test equipment and you know the electrical system of your whole car.  Particularly with cars built after 2000 the electrical complexity increases dramatically.

The diagnostics of a starter problem is beyond complex and often leads to costly mistakes without the right equipment.  The old tricks don’t really work anymore.  We’ve been down this road many times.  You have four choices on what’s gone wrong with your starter: your battery, your alternator, your starter, or some wiring component has gone bad.

But, without the right equipment and experience you can spend a $1000 along with a weekend of time without solving the problem. Many vehicles won't start because the neutral safety switches are bad, or the ignition switch has failed.  There can also be 50 or so computer modules that might be stuck on and draining your battery.  Our message is simple.  Please do not try to diagnose alternator or starter problems yourself.  We can find the problem right away, where you may not find it for hours or even days. Bring it to Palmer's Auto Repair.  You'll spend less than an hour in our Milwaukie waiting room instead of a weekend on the cold wet floor of your garage pulling your hair out and buying parts that don't fix the problem.