Ball Joints and Tie Rods

If your steering is feeling loose, or not as tight as it used to be then please bring your car by as soon as you can.  Are you hearing a clunk over bumps or around turns?  You may have a loose suspension joint.

At Palmer's Auto Repair we have a good ear for figuring out exactly what your loose suspension part is.

In order to turn the front wheels and steer, there must be a pivot point.  That is the ball joint's job.  It is put under a lot of stress starting with the full weight of your vehicle plus g-forces and road-forces.  And all this time it's supposed to keep your alignment!  These babies are really tough, and although they last a while, a ball joint wears out over time.  Loose ball joints can squeak, creak, or pop.  Sometimes you can even feel the front end shift around when they really start getting loose.  Please don't wait until that happens.

If your steering feels loose or you are hearing noise when you turn the steering wheel, you may have a loose tie rod.  They connect the steering linkage to the wheels so you can turn.  At Palmer's Auto Repair we inspect of loose suspension parts at every oil change so we can catch them ASAP and keep you safe and on the road.